Sugar Cookies


Our fresh baked, hand-decorated sugar cookies will be the centerpiece of your party. Our sugar cookies start at $40/dozen. We do require a 2 dozen minimum order, because of the time in involved in creating each cookie. Every shape is piped individually, ensuring the uniqueness of your order. Cookies are bagged 4 at a time and heat sealed for freshness

Sugar cookies can come in many flavors. Our standard is Butter Vanilla, but we also offer Princess (citrus/nut), Almond, Coconut & Hazelnut at no extra charge. Chocolate & Chocolate chip rollouts add $3 per dozen.

Gluten free cookies are $4 per dozen extra. We cannot certify gluten free for Celiac patients, but if GF is your preference, give these cookies a try!

**Very important note! We will not do any character or copyrighted cookies. We are not licensed for those and I will not take the risk for my business. **

Packaging options:

  • Window box with shred and bow $3

  • Window box, shred & shrink-wrapped with a bow $3.50

  • Individually bagged and tied with a bow $3/dozen

  • Plastic round cookie platter for 3 dozen or more $7