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Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Our cake pops are two bites of deliciousness. Go ahead and have another, we won't tell. Color coordinated pops add extra height and color to the table and they are always the first dessert to disappear. Class parties, birthdays, super bowl parties, any party!  Call to place your order today!

Our pops come in a variety of flavors ~ Chocolate, vanilla, & red velvet. I do require a dozen minimum per flavor.

  • Standard cake pops start at $35/dozen (drizzle or sprinkles included)

  • S'mores pops are $40/dozen

  • Metallic pops are $40/dozen

  • Printed cake pops are $40/dozen

  • Piped flowers or molded embellishments add $5 per dozen.

  • Ice Cream cone pops are $5 each. 

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