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Sugar Cookies

Pricing, Packaging, Flavors 

If you haven't tried my cookies, and you love sugar cookies, you must try these butter vanilla bites of deliciousness.  All my sugar cookies are rolled 3/8 inch thick to give you a little crunch on the edges, with the buttery softness in the middle. I like big cookies so each set will contain cookies that are 3-4 inches. Each set of 2 dozen will contain 4-5 shapes that we can select together to create a beautiful display for your event. Call today to see what I can do for you.


Start at $60/ dozen 

We do require a 2 dozen minimum order, because of the time in involved in creating each cookie. Every shape is piped individually, ensuring the uniqueness of your order. Cookies are bagged 4 at a time and heat sealed for freshness.

Eddie printed cookies are $45/dozen, with a 2 dozen minimum order. Each cookie is printed with food dye on our printer. No edible images required!

**We will longer do gluten free cookies.


​Packaging options:

  • Window box, shred & shrink-wrapped with a bow $5

  • Individually bagged and tied with a bow $5/dozen


Very important note!

We will not do any character or copyrighted cookies.

We do not have the licensing in place to make those.

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