Fresh Baked Cookies

Our cookies are famous for the delicate flavors mixing perfectly with surprises like tart lemon (from fresh lemons).  Every bite is as special as the quality ingredients we use in every batch. We do require 2 dozen minimum order for each flavor.

Brown butter Salted Chocolate Chip


While it has a long name, we feel that Chocolate Chip Cookie doesn't make this cookie sound as special as it is. We start with browned butter to give that nutty flavor to the dough, add semi sweet chips and sea salt. Baked to keep the center soft with a little crunch on the outside, this is the company favorite! Have us box up a dozen for you today

Lemon Lavender Shortbread


We use fresh squeezed lemon juice in these bars to get maximum tartness. 

Old Fashioned Iced Oatmeal


Snickerdoodle (no photo yet)


Lemon Blueberry Cream Cheese


Peanut Butter


Double Chocolate Chip


Key Lime Cookie with Dark Chocolate

This deliciously tart sugar cookie is made even better with a half dip of dark chocolate. The tart and sweet come together perfectly!

Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie

Fresh, chunky hazelnuts are plentiful in this yummy cookie, which is made even more delicious with a drizzle of milk chocolate.

Lemon Glazed Cookie

The light lemon cookie is great solo or topped with a lemon sugar glaze. Perfect for the lemon lover in your life.

Linzer Cookies

They don't have to be here only at Christmas. This almond cookie is filled with a variety of jams and a coating of powdered sugar. While generally a seasonal cookie, we can make them year round. Mix it up and try apricot and strawberry jam.

Molasses (no photo yet)


My personal seasonal favorite cookie (along with gingerbread) is the molasses cookie. The sugary crunch on the outside transitions to a soft, chewy cookie with the first bite.

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