Cookie of the Month Club

Sit back, relax & treat yourself (or someone else)

Suga's Cookie of the Month Club is here!  Just in time for Mother's Day (or Father's Day!) gifts.  Or, indulge your own inner Cookie Monster.  Seasonal drop, sugar or combo cookies ready by the 7th every month just for you!  You can go bold with cake pops too!  Imagine stocking the breakroom each month with special treats for your team - they'll love you for it.

3 months of drop cookies $40 or 2 drops/1 sugar $55 or ALL sugar $90
6 months of drop cookies $80 or 2 drops/1 sugar $110 or ALL sugar $180
12 months of drop cookies $160 or 2 drops/1 sugar $220 or ALL sugar $360

If you join the VIP 12-month club, you will also receive 1 dz cupcakes or cake pops in December for holiday gifting or eating.

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