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Important Announcement - Changes Ahead!


This is very hard for me to do.... 

I've loved decorating gorgeous cookies for you by hand, literally with my own two hands. Unfortunately, with the ongoing hand issues I am having, arthritis and bone spurs, I will have to cut back drastically on those hand decorated beauties. I am able to create fun and always delish cookies with our printer and will continue to do cake pops and cookie kits as long as I can. 

For now, the hand decorated cookies are too much for me to do consistently without pain. I have had 3 surgeries in the last couple of years to fix the damage done to my shoulder and back from working endless hours to keep the pretties coming, but I honestly, I cannot keep up that pace. 


Suga Me Sweet will focus on  printed cookies and cake pops for all your party, corporate and wedding needs.  This change will also allow Suga Me Sweet to host more of our fun classes that are in very high demand.  Our loyal customers will still get the same high quality treats, made in our kitchen with love, and still get to support a women-owned businesses!  




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